Friday, September 28, 2007

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Update time!

So we're settling in to the airport and I finally got my clothes moved from the dining room to the bedroom. We're also getting a table with matching chairs (yes, we have moved on from the college years) from Spence and Tiff. So the place is really coming together.

We don't have internet yet. We would have, but we've been bounced back and forth like a ping-pong ball. We were going to go with Webwave, and when the guy came to set it up we found out that the airport already had Webwave. So the installer-dude told us that we could just use the airport's internet, if it was alright with them.

Beth talked to the airport and they said they didn't mind at all. So she called up Webwave and the lady told her that we could NOT just get free internet and that we had to pay the full amount and get a 2-year contract. Beth stood her ground and told the lady that the installer said it was ok and the airport said it was ok. The mean lady told Beth that she'd talk to the installer guy. And then they said they'd give us a discounted rate. . .but we'd still have to do the 2-year contract.

THEN, when all was planned out we had our maintanance guy come by and installed the other half of our closet rod (hence, why I was changing in the dining room) and said that the airport was going to get new internet and he thought we should just hook on their new internet stuff.

So we're still waiting.

There's your update!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yes, We Have No Internet

Our posts on this blog are going to be limited for the next little bit while we decide which internet provider to go with. We're looking for a fast, efficient, reliable provider. . .that's cheap and available in our area.

In the meantime you'll just have to be satisfied with our posts while we do our laundry, because we do that at my parent's house.

We've organized the bathroom, kitchen and living room so far and we're working on the master bedroom and the baby's room. It's turning out to be a nice place to live. And we've got rabbit ears on our television so we don't feel quite as cut off from the outside world. Well, I've still got internet at work, Beth is the one who is cut off. (P.S. It is still REALLY weird to me that my new job is actually paying me for Labor Day when I'm not working. It's an odd concept to me. I guess this is a "grown-up" job now.)

So. . .our first day at our new ward was. . .interesting. First of all we had to find our church. I google texted (since we. . .well, see the title of this post) to see what churches were nearby. There were four that came up. I called my dad and found out where it was. We had to pass a perfectly good church to get to our church. It was only a five minute drive or so, but Beth says we still can't walk (darn pregnant women).

They have sacrament last so Beth and I had to separate first thing. That's always a bit stressful. Elder's quorum was normal, except that there were two other new people in addition to myself. From what I hear the ward just split and they're probably going to split it again soon. With the new developments popping up this ward is growing fast. Sunday school also seemed normal. Then. . .sacrament meeting happened.

The first thing that struck us as odd was that, even though it was early and not many benches were full, there were scriptures, coats, purses and bags all over the place. People were SAVING seats for sacrament meeting. I've seen that before in movie theaters and in concerts and plays, but I've never seen that in church before. Weird.

Then came the children. Like a hoard of zombies they came waddling into the room en masse and filled the seats. Seriously, the ward is about 80% children 6 and under. There was no silence in sacrament meeting. There was constantly crying, yelling, talking and laughing. At times it was hard to hear the people bearing their testimonies.

Which brings me to my next point: the testimonies. For every one adult there was about 6 kids who bore their testimonies. And while most of them were the standard "I'dliketburymytestimonyandIknowthischurchistrueandIlovemymomanddad" variety, but there were a couple that made me belly laugh.

My personal favorite was when a little boy got up there and put his mouth over the microphone and yelled "HI!" so loud that everyone in the congregation jumped and dropped their tupperware full of Cheerios. He proceeded to bless the congregation which was quite entertaining. I don't think he's got the difference between bearing testimony and saying prayers down yet.

And there was a cute little girl that got up there and said, "Hello. My name is Madison. I like to color. And I like arts and crafts and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I was touched.

And the sad thing is that any time someone bore a real testimony it almost felt inappropriate because there was so much noise and no spirit.

It was definitely an interesting beginning to this chapter of our life.