Thursday, August 27, 2009

What You've Been Waiting For...

Isn't he precious? He's such a mellow baby. I took him to his 2 week appointment today and he didn't cry at all during the PKU test (they prick the babies heel and have to fill up circles on a paper with their blood). He did cry during the appointment after he filled his diaper and his clothes were off. He hates that.

He's gained a pound since birth, so he's 9 lbs 3 oz now.

I love his hair! It's so soft and fun to play with! It goes really curly when it's wet.

I don't look too great in this picture, but Logan looks darling, so I'm posting it anyway. Plus it shows that even though he's a big baby he's still small (or maybe I'm just huge ;) ).

He does pretty well at night, but I still wish he'd switch his day and night schedule. He sleeps for 4-5 hours straight in the middle of the day. It does help me be able to both take a nap and get things accomplished. Especially since Kaylee's 2 hour naps have turned into 3 hours. Love it!

Kaylee's no longer ignoring him. I'm not sure which I prefer. I have to be on constant watch now because she loves to have her toys kiss him and sometimes they don't kiss as softly as they should. (Check out how opposite they are as far as hair and skin... crazy!)

I realize this bouncer is extremely pink, but Logan loves it while I get ready in the morning. At least his outfit says all boy. And look, he does open his eyes sometimes!

And I just had to add these of Kaylee from last night. I went in to get a change of clothes for Logan and found her sleeping like this:
Legs through the bars and Elmo over her head.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Names

Disclaimer: This post does not have pictures of Logan.

I'm sorry.

I'm doing this one from work because I found this at work and I thought it might be fun for those reading this blog who have children and/or are about to have babies.

Welcome to

It's a site where you can look up the meaning of different names, but the real fun is in the "Drawbacks" section so you can see what derogatory nicknames you child could be given.

Beth, Logan and I all have some pretty entertaining "Drawbacks," but so far Kaylee is safe.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Requested by Kim

Logan's favorite way to sleep is on his side. I was taking this picture to show that and happened to catch a smile. I'll get a real picture (not a phone picture) up one of these days.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Trying to teach Logan to use a binky instead of mommy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The End of a Journey

Thanks for keeping up with us on our mobile blogging! Hope you had fun with it because we sure did. Welcome to the world, Logan!

Hold On

Hold on! We're on our own! We can make it together!

In the Car Seat

He seems moderately comfortable.

Waiting to be checked out

His First Outfit

Our little boy is all dressed up and ready to go! Not coincidentally, this is the same outfit that we brought home Kaylee in two years ago. Way to plan, Beth!

Packing Up

Getting everything organized so we can take our new baby home.


The results are small, but it's still impressive. :)

This is a Magic Place!

It's a vending machine that dispenses HOT pizza!

Showing off for her brother


She's already playing games with her little brother.

It's A Madhouse!!

Brooke brought her kids, our kid, and her mother and sister.

Copywriter Request 3

Baby toes! Who says pictures of feet are only for weddings?

Copywriter Request 2

Beth's getting her one-on-one time with LOGAN! Yes, yes, she is!

Copywriter Request 1

Living gluten-free, hospital-style.

Uncle Nathan

He has never seen our apartment, but he has now seen his nephew.

My boys

Joel used to nap like this with Kaylee all the time. I love it!

Fohawk Time

His new, hip hairdo makes Logan want to be more up-to-date on social networks and blogs.

One day old!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Last Visitors of the Day

Ryan and Rosa Lee dressed up for the occasion.

A New Man

He may not look very different, but he is. Logan is very different now.

Taylor Time

We're being visited by our latino friends from north of the border!

Sorry, 'Little Dude'

Off on a new and life-changing adventure.

Hilton Visit

Grandpa and Ma Nae adoringly look on while Uncle Mikey explains who Spider-Man is.

Dinner time

They really take care of the husband here!

Aunt and Uncle

Hey, look who came to visit! Spence and Tiffany!

Sleepy Baby

This is pretty much the only trick he knows right now.

Grandfather and Grandson

Logan is getting to know Grandpa White.

Sibling Rivalry Already?

Looks like they're going to get along juuuust fine. ;)

Sibling Anticipation

Waiting to see her little brother. And trying to prove she's cuter.

First Visitors

We got a power nap and so we're ready to entertain. . . kind of.

Now That Logan is Here

It's time for sleep. :)

Close Up Baby

He looks a little tired, too.

Heeeere's Logan!

8 pounds 3 ounces!

At a 9

Just about time for pushing! And she's still smiling!

It's Late and She's Tired

Letting my wife rest up a bit. It's not easy giving birth.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Epidural Time

This is the man that made the pain go away.

The Doctor is In

The water has been broken and now we're playing the waiting game.

Daddy Survival Kit

They gave this to me. I like this place!

Green Light

It's a go!!

Could It Be?

Could we be spending the night here?