Friday, August 24, 2007

This is our airport apartment!


(the transitions in the slideshow kind of cut off the bottom of the pics, but it'll give you an idea of what it looks like).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We live at the airport!!!

That's right... me and Joel just signed a contract to live in an apartment at the airport. LOL. How awesome is that?! No, it's not some aparmtment complex next to the airport... it's in the actual airport terminal!

It's actually quite nice and spacious. It used to be the airport owners apartment. I'm not positive, but I think we may be the only tenants to live there since him. He would just sleep there occasionally. They were going to turn it into a lounge for pilots, but decided to rent it out. It's on the 2nd floor of the building. Below us is a main office and on our floor there are classrooms for the flight school and some administrative offices. The airport is small and basically for single-engine planes and a few helicopters.

If anyone wants to visit, there's plenty of parking... we have an entire parking lot :). And you just have to look for the big red and white tower: we're right next to it.

It's pretty awesome. The biggest pain about it is no washer/dryer hookups and DSL doesn't go that far out, so we might have to figure out some kind of satellite thing. Otherwise it really is a great deal! Yay! I'm so excited to start moving in!!! We'll start next Monday and have to be fully out of our current place by Friday the 31st.

I'll post pictures within the next few days.

You've got to be kidding me...

Kim and Brooke convinced me to create a blog and I finally had something semi-exciting to post about (mine and Joel's new apartment), but that will have to be another time because I have something else to post. Here's my frustrating story...

I was driving to meet Joel at our new apartment to sign the contract. He was just getting off work and I was leaving from his families house in Layton (I hung out there all day after seeing the apartment that morning). Rob was going to come with me to see the apartment and then we were going to meet up with Renae for dinner. Thank goodness she suggested dinner!!! Since she did, Rob just came in my car and was going to ride back with Renae. Brent and Mike also came with us.

We were heading south on Highway 89 and getting onto the ramp to merge onto I-15 and were stopped in traffic. It was stop and go and so frustrating! 25 minutes later we were still making our way on the on-ramp... and then my car died! Can I just say I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR FAMILY!!! The check engine light popped on and my car just turned off. I couldn't get it to start again, so Brent and Mike jumped out and pushed my car as much on the shoulder as they could (there's construction going on, so it was hard to get very far off). Can you imagine what I would've done if I had been in my car alone?! The jerk behind me started honking and yelling at us (what the heck... he was mad he couldn't drive ahead 10 feet just to be stopped again?).

So yeah... my car is dead. Someone from my in-laws ward saw them on the side and stopped to help. They gave me a ride to meet Joel in Woods Cross so we could sign the contract before the place closed (I was supposed to be there at 6pm... it was almost 7 and that's when the guy is done with work). Rob, Brent and Mike stayed behind with the car to see if it just needed to cool down. Turns out it didn't. Renae picked them up and they all met us at the apartment and then we went to Lorena's for dinner.

It was close to 9 by this point and we went back to the car. We got it towed to a place in Centerville and spent the night in Layton. Today I'm just waiting in Layton for them to call and tell me what's wrong. I so so hope it doesn't cost too much! We just put down a deposit on an apartment (that's more expensive than our last one since it's 2 bedroom) and we have my tuition to be paying for, extra gas money while we drive back and forth moving, and a baby coming. We really really don't need this right now. I'm just a bit frustrated.

But with all that it has made me appreciate my in-laws even more. I've always loved them, but this has just made me so much more grateful for them and how helpful they are. I truly am lucky to have married into such a great family!