Monday, June 13, 2011

May Memories (and some of June)

I wasn’t planning to do a post tonight, but I just found out that I might not have a chance for a few months (yay for summer and for visitors!), so here are a few highlights of what we’ve been up to.

The kids and I went to visit Joel’s sister and her family in Texas. Joel’s awesome mom went to help me with the kids on the flights. Kaylee absolutely loved flying.IMG_2539

We had a blast with them and I’m already wishing I could go back.IMG_2691

We’ve also been doing a ton of yard work, including emptying our pond.  This is my (again) awesome mother-in-law helping catch fish.  We still have a big pit in our yard and can’t figure out what to do with it…

but despite the pit, we’re loving having a backyard!

Logan got himself stuck in a bucket full of sand/gravel.

Notice the layer of sand on his face.  And in his hair.  And everywhere else.  I’m not sure what I’m thinking wanting to build them a sandbox…

He was just fine once he had a bottle.

This is the kids’ current sandbox.  Complete with a hanger (we’re white trash like that).  I was moving this gravel/sand stuff out of the way so we can put a real sandbox down and I was putting it in this box so we could move it somewhere else.  The kids thought it was pretty awesome and have been playing in it ever since.  (I believe Kaylee put the hanger in there because it was her pirate hook.)

The kids love playing together.  This day Kaylee would lay on the glider swing then fall off.  Logan thought it was absolutely hilarious.

And the best part of the backyard?  I can watch them do all these things from the kitchen.  I love having a fenced backyard (especially one without a pond)!

They play hard during the day and crash hard (and weirdly) at night.IMG_2776IMG_2529

We spent Memorial Day with Joel’s family.  Kaylee loved putting flowers on the graves.IMG_2750IMG_2742

Joel had an earlier than normal Quick Wits show, so we took the kids.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever to see their daddy up on stage being funny.  Kaylee was cracking up the whole time and Logan kept throwing his hands over his mouth and hunching over laughing.  It was such a precious thing to see.  Kaylee keeps talking about how daddy was so silly in his show and then she tries to mimic some of the things he did.  So precious.

Fun kids.  As Kaylee told me today, “we have the best happy family.”  I agree.  
(Though I probably wouldn’t have agreed yesterday… man Sundays are hard with little kids!)