Monday, May 7, 2012

Such a Boy!

If you’ve been around Logan for an extended period of time you know he’s all boy. He’s into climbing, jumping, burping (yes, he’s 2 and knows how to make himself burp), eating, wrestling, superheroes, and of course, bugs.
He’s always bringing bugs into the house. Luckily they’re usually just rolly polly bugs, but I’m still not a fan of it.
One day while I was working in the kitchen I noticed him lying on the ground on his stomach, concentrating. I’m not used to him holding still for that long, so I went out to investigate.
This is what I found:IMG_5926
He’d discovered a tiny worm and was quite thrilled about it. IMG_5927
He kept letting out delighted laughs at his fun new discovery. IMG_5928IMG_5929IMG_5930IMG_5932IMG_5931
I’m so glad I captured this moment. It’s just very Logan. Not only did it have to do with a bug, but it shows the joy he finds in life. He is a very happy boy (very busy too… there’s just so much to do and to discover!). He has the best smile that seems to overtake his whole body. I’m not sure how to explain that to have it make sense. You have to see it. It’s very contagious.
I’m a very lucky mom.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kaylee's a Star!

Kaylee had her first public performance tonight. She was adorable.

It was for our ward's spring social. They had a little talent show after dinner. I've been asking her for the past week if she'd like to participate and what she'd like to do. At first she said she wanted to dance and she'd just make it up as she did it. I encouraged her to pick a song to sing :). 

Yesterday she finally decided she'd like to sing Choose the Right Way. She knew the whole song really well except for the very first line. She often needed help remembering how it started (I'm the same way with this song). So we practice a lot and she was ready. 

Then when she got up there she wanted my help remembering most of it. Problem was, I forgot the words at one point (I had only been practicing the first line as a prompt for her). Thankfully, my friend, JaLesha, was on the front row and mouthed the words to me. 

Anyway, enough of the boring details (that's the whole journaling part that I'd like to remember). Here's Kaylee!

Did you notice how on the first line her voice squeaks a little because she's nervous, but then she gets a handle on it? So darling! She really did great and we're proud of her for being willing to get up and perform in front of everyone.