Monday, July 25, 2011

Foreground and Background

I always like to prove (to myself) that our family does more than just watch movies and TV, so here's some pictures from our latest adventures.

This is also going to be an exercise in foreground versus background, so hopefully, it's going to be fun and educational!

We went fishing at the Cold Springs Trout Farm. In the background we have Uncle Mikey's fishing method. In the foreground, we have Kaylee's fishing method.

In the background we have Logan, who is thrilled about fishing. In the foreground, there's Uncle Mikey, equally excited about fishing.

Logan caught a big fish which flopped around a lot, so he was a little hesitant at first.

But he soon warmed up to the cold, slimy, icky fish.

Even Kaylee got brave once in a while and would touch a fish - but she mostly just yelled and ran away.

Logan was doing a really odd dance that day, so we had to take a picture.

In the foreground you have Connor getting his face cleaned. In the background, Logan is having empathy pains.

Who cares what's in the background? The foreground is just plain adorable.

In the foreground you have Kaylee and Logan playing in the inflatable pool Ma Nae brought to Camp Atoka because the river was too high. In the background, we have Connor holding down the cooler which is holding up the pool's wall on that side.

In the background, you have Kaylee, who loves the kiddie train at the Burgener's 4th of July party. In the foreground you have Logan, who is unsure of Ryan's conductor skills.

In the foreground you have Logan saying "Push High!" He's a little obsessed with swings. In the background, you have all the other toys he's ignoring because there were swings.

"Mommy, quit taking pictures and push high!"

He seriously went from swing... swing. He couldn't get enough of it.

There were also fireworks, which Logan obviously enjoyed.

In the foreground, we have our brave and trusted pilots of the space shuttle at the Hill Aerospace Museum. In the background, their backup crew.

"See? I told you we wouldn't crash it, Mom!"

No one in the background seems to be as amazed as Kaylee in the foreground about the mysterious floating ball at the museum.

We got some free passes to Cowabunga Bay, and when we first got there, the kids were miserable. They didn't like the water. We thought it was going to be a short trip, but soon they warmed to the idea and they loved the pool.

In the background, some kid at Cowabunga Bay. In the foreground, a spectacular shot of my thumb.

In the foreground, my son who was apparently freezing because his lips are blue. In the background, the fun water slides that the kids did not enjoy.

Kaylee loved floating on her back in the pool, as shown in the foreground. But she didn't always look where she was going, as shown on the faces of the kids in the background.

Just ignore the foreground because my wife and I had an agreement where we wouldn't take pictures of each other while there. Instead, pay attention to the background where my daughter is flailing around in the water.

We also made a quick trip to Chuck-E-Cheese's because Logan got some free half-birthday tokens. Here, Ma Nae is doing her best to pull Logan out of the background and into the foreground.

We also made some progress on the sandbox. Not pictured: Sand.