Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Names

Disclaimer: This post does not have pictures of Logan.

I'm sorry.

I'm doing this one from work because I found this at work and I thought it might be fun for those reading this blog who have children and/or are about to have babies.

Welcome to BabyNamer.com

It's a site where you can look up the meaning of different names, but the real fun is in the "Drawbacks" section so you can see what derogatory nicknames you child could be given.

Beth, Logan and I all have some pretty entertaining "Drawbacks," but so far Kaylee is safe.



Ponczoch Family said...

Joely Oley Ravioli, when will you ever post more pics of Log-in?

Sara Ann said...

That is hilarious. Here are my drawbacks for Sydney

* El Cid
* Ce Ce
* Squid
* Sydarachnid

I think we'll stick with it!

Familia Taylor said...

That was so funny! My favorite 'drawback' for Jacob's name is 'Jake your booty' :)
Thanks Joel!

Familia Taylor said...

By the way, according to this site, Claudia means 'lame' :(