Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kaylee's "Look"

Kaylee has a look she does that really makes me laugh!  It's like she does it when she's trying to be extra sweet, or she's the center of attention, or she just feels like she's supposed to or something.  I don't know.  It's funny though.  It looks like a little fake smile.  Here are a few examples:

This is after I told her she was such a beautiful angel.
This is while "Happy Birthday" is being sung to her.
While meeting her cousin, Liam, for the first time.

This one doesn't fully show "the look," but I'm including it because it demonstrates her usual demeanor that accompanies "the look."  It's, again, when she's meeting Liam for the first time.  I especially love when she says "he's so soft."  DARLING!  She would be laughing and having fun with her aunts and uncles and then we'd have her look at Liam again and she'd suddenly get calm and do that face.  She cracks me up!

The "look" starts around 20 seconds on this one, again, while she's being sung to. 

And those are just the moments I've captured on film.  She's a funny funny girl!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Logan's new fear

Logan was having a great time at the Hilton extended family Christmas party this year.  He played on a bounce house, tossed around balls, ate tons (and I mean TONS) of chili, and was really enjoying himself.  That is, until he noticed something in the shiny church gym floor...

The funny kid was scared of his reflection!  It was like he suddenly noticed that he could occasionally see something in the floor when he'd move and it freaked him out.  (When I say "reflection" he could mostly just see shadows and something moving in the floor.  It wasn't like looking in the mirror and being scared of himself.)  He wanted to be held pretty much the rest of the time.  Every once in awhile he'd get distracted and forget that he was scared.  He'd start chasing after a ball, but then he'd spot something in the floor and halt.  He'd stand frozen in fear and start crying for me. 
Being the mean mom I am, I laughed, grabbed the camera, and got pictures before comforting him.  Sadly, I kept missing the best moments, so these two videos and my explanation will have to do.

In this next video he was searching for his reflection.  He was so funny!
When we were home the next morning and he was walking on our kitchen floor (wood laminate) he suddenly halted, checked out the floor and decided it was okay before proceeding to walk.  Thank goodness my floors aren't that shiny!

We'll definitely be pulling this story out when Logan's a teenager.  We've got one for Kaylee too:  she used to be scared of table cloths...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Nativity

The traditional Christmas Eve Nativity at Grandma Wilkey's.  
Performed by any little kid willing to participate (there were around 100 people at the party this year... and that is all Grandma's direct kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids!).
At first Kaylee thought she'd like to be an angel.
But ended up changing her mind and being a shepherd instead.
My nephew, Liam, played baby Jesus and was so sweet!
I seriously can't get enough of his chubbiness and his beautiful eyes!
Logan was an angel.  He wasn't wanting to keep the halo on at all before (or any other piece of costume), so I was surprised when he decided he wanted to stand in the middle of the nativity AND wear the halo.  Cute!
Kaylee sat staring at Liam the whole time and was so sweet.  Even after everyone had cleared out she kept sitting there watching him with a really sweet look on her face.

It was all wonderful, as always!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Logan - "The Look"

Logan usually gives cute looks like this:

 But for some reason, for a couple weeks in November-December he'd also give this look:
My guess is he'd been hanging out with his Aunt Paige too much.  She's a pro at those kind of looks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Santa Clause

The kids got to sit on Santa's lap twice this year and both did great each time (though I would have been okay if they hadn't because I love the kids scared of Santa pictures)!

Santa #1:  Ward party

Santa #2 at Grandma Wilkey's house (AKA: the REAL Santa)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

She knows what she wants

We went to Denny's for dinner one night in November.  Kaylee had her kids menu and after studying it, let us know what she wanted (the soccer ball was a sippy cup with a ball lid).

We only ordered the burger and fishy crackers for her (even though she told the waitress she wanted the soccer ball too),  When our waitress brought all of her food, except the soccer ball drink, Kaylee put up her finger like she did in the video and said to the waitress "and a soccer ball."  Cute child.  No, we did not get her the soccer ball.  Mean parents, I know.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Other cute pictures from November 2010

Playing Wii Fit.

Fake sad face.

Kaylee will sometimes climb into Logan's crib with him.
That's what I call a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Helping Uncle Mikey clean up after Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kaylee's 3rd Birthday

Remember Kaylee's obsession?
Well, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday cake she requested carebears (surprise surprise).  And now if you ask her how old she is she'll hold up her fingers, tell you she's three, and proceed to tell you all about her carebear birthday cake.  She even told Santa Clause about it when she was sitting on his lap at Grandma Wilkey's.  She also asks me every few days to make her a carebear birthday cake (she already had 2 and they both took a long time, so I let her know she has to wait till next year).

Here are the cakes she absolutely loved:
Cake #1
Her cute face she made while we sang to her.

Cake #2

She had 3 parties this year.  One with our little family, one with Joel's family, and one with my family.  They were all a lot of fun! 
Wiped out from all the partying.
She loved her birthday!

BTW, besides being obsessed with carebears, she's also obsessed with Halloween, birthdays, and Christmas.  She talks about all of them often.  Such a fun girl!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Halloween 2010

I really have no desire to blog lately, but I know it makes my husband and family happy (can't blame them... the kids make everyone happy), so I'm going to do a bunch of posts and schedule them.  I make no promises about blogging more once the scheduled posts are done, so enjoy them while you can :).

Starting with Halloween (yes, it has been that long- well, besides quick house posts)...

We had 2 pumpkins this year, both of them Jack Skelington from "Nightmare Before Christmas."  We were a little excited for Halloween, so we carved the first one at the end of Sept. and had to do a new one mid-way through Oct.  The kids LOVED Jack!  They loved checking on him each morning and saying bye to him if we ever went anywhere.

Their Uncle Brent was dressed as Jack Skelington and they thought that was pretty cool.
Logan was a Zebra (thanks Heidi!) and Kaylee was a Carebear (she's a bit obsessed).
If you've ever seen "Serenity" or "Firefly" you'll be able to understand our costumes.  Joel is Malcolm Reynolds and I'm Inara (well, the best I could do).

The kids had a blast and it was a fun and busy Halloween!