Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Memorable Costco Trip

Here are some random pictures from the past few months. I think you need to remember these faces while you read this post.

We went to Costco today. It was quite the experience. (And not because of the samples. Though they were a little better than they have been the past three times we've gone - those times there were only 2-3 samples.)

The lack of attention the kids have been receiving lately (see previous post) really showed today. Anyone that we were stopped next to for more than 5 seconds got to have a conversation with my attention-starved kids. Logan would start it by saying "Hi, I'm Logan," while pointing to himself.

He would then hold up his hand towards Kaylee and say, "and this is my friend, Kaylee."  (Towards the end of our shopping trip he started saying "sister" because Kaylee kept correcting him.)

The conversation would continue depending on how the person responded.

Some got to hear about the samples he was eating. Some got to hear about how his smoothie made his stomach cold. One especially lucky couple got to hear both kids tell them all about the Jessie and Woody dolls they got for Christmas (after about 5 minutes that nice couple said they needed to continue shopping. I would have put an end to that one sooner, but that couple actually started up the conversation with the kids first, and the husband kept talking about how his wife was a grandma, so I figured they were enjoying it).

We checked out (after the kids had a conversation with the 2 employees helping us) and then went to the food court for lunch with Joel and 4 of his co-workers.

Apparently, the shopping trip had been a warm-up for the kids. I know my kids can talk a lot, but I don't think I've ever seen them do it so passionately!

Everyone's conversations at the table were monopolized by my children. They told story after story after story. Both were talking at once. Logan had the attention of one side of the table and Kaylee had the attention of the other. They were quite cute, so that's good at least.

Logan loved talking about Kermit the frog (whom he is scared of... but also loves) and different parts he's seen from old Muppet Shows Joel has shown him.  At one point he told me he wanted to "talk to him" (someone sitting on "Kaylee's side"), so I got "his" attention for Logan and he let him know that "something happened. And Kermit fell way way down and went bump. And Kermit say hi to me and I say hi back and asked him if he liked my hair" (I have no idea).

Kaylee's shining moment was when Joel told her to guess what school his co-worker, Jeff, had gone to. She guessed BYU correctly. Jeff then asked her what school she wanted to go to. She responded with, "my mommy has a baby in her tummy." Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag a little sooner with Joel's co-workers than we'd planned. :) She also told her side of the table all about how I won't let her get a dog and then she proceeded to give all the reasons why I won't let her (good girl). Unfortunately, I think they all helped her come up with solutions to every one of my reasons. Not so good.

Overall, it was a very productive and fun shopping trip (and hopefully my kids attention bank has been filled a little).

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is it a Good Enough Reason?

I think I have a pretty good excuse for why she can do this, but I'll let you be the judge:

My excuse is this:

It has caused me to feel like this:
 And like this:

 So my poor kids have been doing a lot of this:

And this (though I don't think they think it's a bad thing):

And Kaylee's favorite show on Netflix just so happens to be this:

Which explains that at the top:

I certainly won't be receiving any mother of the year awards for the past few months, but hey, what can you do? (And seriously, isn't Kaylee the cutest thing ever?! I say it's worth it for that.)

P.S. I am 13 1/2 weeks and am hoping and praying that I feel better by week 16 (that's when things eased up with the first two). Baby #3 is due mid-September and we're all thrilled!

P.P.S. Kaylee choreographed the whole thing as she went. :)