Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We have a new pet. His name is Muffy. Muffy is a mouse. If you come visit us today you'll see the fancy schmancy mouse trap Joel set up for him. The thing about Muffy is, even though he's an uninvited pet he's super cute! We're wanting to catch him and release him in a far away field rather than kill him. It's so cute when we chase him around and he does a sharp turn and slips on the linoleum. And how he peeks his head around the corner to watch us.

Joel may have caught him already... we're not sure. There are mouse prints in the flour we put right outside its hole, but we don't know if they came from Muffy or another mouse before Joel closed the hole up with a tin can lid and duct tape. Hopefully it was Muffy and (as cute as he was) we've seen the last of him.


Ponczoch Family said...

Muffy... like from Today's Special? hahaha. You guys crack me up that you think a mouse is cute!

Sara Ann said...

Oh my word! I loved Muffy on Today's Special! Remember when she ate all of the cereal to get enough box tops to win a cruise? Then she didn't win the cruise, she came in second place and remember what the prize was? Thats right a life time supply of that cereal. I remember feeling kind of sad for her, even as a 7 year old... Also, I used to catch mice at the cabin in cool whip containers and then let them go in the woods! My dad was not too happy about that.