Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Cruise- Days 1 and 2

Sorry this post has taken me forever to get up. I've been really busy. The cruise was awesome though! I think I'll just tell the basic story with pictures. Maybe I'll break it up into parts because I think it'll be really long otherwise.

We actually didn't take that many pictures. Probably because Joel and I had already been on this exact same cruise 2 years ago for our honeymoon (yep, same ship and everything- it's that good of a cruise).

For anyone who doesn't know, Joel's dad is a professor at Weber State and was going for a conference on the ship. He was able to take a 3rd and 4th guest for half price, plus our hotel in Orlando and transportation from Orlando to the dock would be paid for. Oh, and gratuities. So it was a great deal! After our honeymoon we knew we wanted to go on a Disney Cruise again, but figured it wouldn't be for at least another 10 years because it's so pricey. When this deal came up we jumped at the chance.

I'll try to give you a basic rundown without being too detailed (though I'm sure it'll still be more than most of you want to know)...

Day 1- Traveling

We left early Saturday morning for our flights to Orlando. My mom came and picked up Kaylee (I bawled the night before at the thought of leaving her, but it was for the best) and Joel's brother, Mike, took us to the airport. It was a long day of flying and we arrived in Florida that evening.

Our hotel was in the airport. It was awesome! I loved not having to travel anymore once we landed. Plus, our bus transportation to Port Canaveral left from the airport the next morning, so it was super convenient. Oh, and it was a nice fancy hotel. Here's a picture from our balcony on the 10th floor (you can see the line for the security checkpoint from here):
Day 2- 1st day on the ship

Here we are boarding the Disney Wonder

We had about an hour before our stateroom would be ready, so we ate a delicious buffet lunch and walked around the ship. It was a beautiful day!

We got mostly settled in and then had the mandatory drill.

This is one of my favorite parts because I think it's so funny... Joel and I had bunkbeds! Haha! It was actually kind of fun. I haven't slept in a bunkbed in the longest time. Joel had the top (there's no way I could've gotten up and down that ladder with my belly). They were actually really comfortable. Rob and Renae (Joel's parents) kept offering to switch us the queen bed, but we really didn't mind at all.

This picture is for Kelsi. We told her we'd get a picture of a Disney character and she didn't like the picture Joel took of Aladdin on tv, so here's a live one. There were characters all over, but we really didn't take many pictures of them. Probably because they were always surrounded by a long line of kids and it felt a little weird to take pictures of someone elses kids.

We relaxed most of the day. That evening before dinner we went to an amazing Broadway quality show called "The Golden Mickeys." I love Disney!

That night dinner was at Animators Palate. It has black and white Disney sketches all around and throughout the dinner they start to get color. Then towards the end everything becomes very colorful and the servers turn their black and white vests inside out and they're colorful too. Very fun. And good food. Though I did get quite sick at this dinner. The water was really choppy and I hadn't taken anything for sea sickness (to anyone going on a cruise I highly recommend Bonine. That's what everyone else took and they were fine. I forgot to ask my OB about it before going, so I only took Dramamine which made me sleepy).
Does this count as a belly pic?

What about Kaylee, you wonder...

She was having a great time hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's.

She's such a good girl, she even read the Ensign since it was Sunday.

More to come...


Sara Ann said...

That is awesome, I love how they announced your name and everyone clapped when you got on the ship, haha, if they do that to us I will laugh so hard! Thanks for the Bonine tip, I'd better find out!

Kurtis and Iva said...

How fun! One day Kurtis and I want to go on a cruise, but it could be awhile before the kids are old enough to all be left with grandparents for more than a few hours.

Ponczoch Family said...

Can't wait to see more pics! Oh, and the pictures of Kaylee are way too cute... can't wait to see her in person soon!!!

SicklyGothGirl said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun so far! can't wait to see the rest!

Mike & Aubrey Janowicz said...

looks like you had tons of fun! i bet that was hard leaving Kaylee