Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Disney's Cinderella

Ned and Chuck
from "Pushing Daisies"

Mexican Bandito

Kaylee loves Cinderella, so it made sense for her to dress up as her. I made her costume to try to make it as true to Cinderella as possible (what's with pink bows being on the store bought Cinderella costumes? Cinderella doesn't wear pink bows or pictures of herself!).

"Pushing Daisies" is one of our favorite TV shows, which is why we decided to dress up like the main characters from it. I highly highly recommend it. Sadly, it was canceled after 2 seasons, but you can still watch it online. Here's one place Seriously, watch it. It's like a fairy tale show. The colors are vibrant and they do so much fun stuff with the cinematography. It's a clean show too which makes me even more upset that it was canceled instead of the other trashy shows on these days. Watch it. You won't regret it.

Logan was our little bandito. Why? Because it seemed fitting :).


Brooke Bennett said...

Lol! You guys are so funny with your costumes! Oh, by the way... are you guys ok? Tamera posted something just a bit ago on facebook about an explosion at the refinery or something? Then I tried calling and you didn't answer. Just checkin!

Katya said...

LOVE the Ned & Chuck costumes! Did people know who you were? (And did you avoid touching each other while in costume?)

Familia Taylor said...

wow! You guys all look great! Can you teach me to sew? You are amazing!

Joel said...

Brooke, we're fine. It shook the house, but we're good.

Katya, most fans of the show knew who we were - we had to explain it to most others.

And yes, I avoided all physical contact with Beth that day - I'm THAT into Halloween.

And Claudia, I have no idea how to sew, but I'll talk to Beth. :)

Kurtis and Iva said...

You guys are great! I love the costumes. And Beth, I'm super impressed with your mad sewing skills. One day I hope to be up to par with you.

Katya said...

"And yes, I avoided all physical contact with Beth that day - I'm THAT into Halloween."

You're my hero. :)

Jaime said...

i've been watching pushing daisies ever since i read this post. at first i was like, what the... but the more you watch, the more you need to keep watching! it's like, tobacco!

Joel said...

Are you saying that we all should try tobacco, Jaime? ;)

And I am a little sad that we don't have a picture of my shoes up here. I put great effort into finding some shoes at the DI and then painting them to look just like Ned's.

Oh well.