Thursday, May 27, 2010


We occasionally get a bird stuck in the "attic" above our lights. When it's happened in the past Kaylee wasn't old enough to understand/care, so I was excited when it happened again and I could show her. She thought it was pretty awesome.

I started whistling when the bird would leave the lights area for too long and it would often come back. This video is me whistling and Kaylee copying my whistling noise.



Ponczoch Family said...

Stop posting videos... Jinnie just wants to watch them over and over;) And she just said, "that was so funny, wasn't it?"

Brooke Bennett said...


The Woolley's said...

That's crazy about the birds! Don't you love the immitation stage.....sometimes it's cute....other times not so much!

Brown Family said...

They are SO cute when they try to copy whistling noises! You get the biggest kick out of it! That's crazy that you can see it! I bet it was a blast for her!