Thursday, February 10, 2011

Helping Daddy Make Cookies

The kids loved helping Joel make his famous crinkle cookies. 
Kaylee was the stirrer and Logan was the taster.
Doing their jobs well.
Logan might be getting sugared out.
Kaylee thought Logan's job looked like more fun, so she decided to help him.
Hi Mommy!  We put powdered sugar on too!
Why won't you hug me, Mommy?


Hilti said...

LOL! Cute kids! My favorite is the "Logan sugared out" pic. :)

Rosa Lee White said...

Hopefully this wasn't right before bedtime. Or maybe that is a great system- Pump them full of sugar and let them crash blissfully. hah. Love it!

Maggie said...

Wow! Looks delicous! Oh and your kitchen is so cute! At least I am pretty sure that is your kitchen. Ha ha.

Heidi said...

Fun! I love Logan's last photo, haha! And I really want to see your house sometime...

Backwoods Browns said...

I don't know why but messy kid pics are always tops over fancy primped ones. I guess I love the "true" exposure of people! :D He is so cute all full of yummy batter!!

Jenn said...

Darling Pics! They look so cute and I am sure they are fabulous helpers! They should come to Texas and help me...