Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Island Park Trip- Days 1 & 2

We were extremely blessed to be able to go to Island Park, ID for 8 days for vacation this year.  If you’ve never been to Island Park before, let me just tell you… it’s heaven on earth.  Seriously beautiful, peaceful, and amazing.  You’d think that after 8 days there we would have been excited to get home.  Nope.  We were sad to leave and would love to live there all summer (too much snow in the winter).  Here’s our travel log.

Long drive to get there.  The kids did well.  Logan was thrilled because I let him be forward facing for the first time.  We got in late and the kids went straight to bed.

This is how Kaylee’s hair looked the next morning.  Between the long drive and sleeping, it was sticking straight out.

We (especially I) did a lot of this while there.  Reading and relaxing on the porch.

We also walked to the tressel and played in the water.


Joel taught Kaylee about skipping rocks.

See ya next time for days 3 & 4!

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Amanda said...

We went there forever ago and it was so pretty. That's great you get to go. Looks like you had a lot of fun.