Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween 2011

We love Halloween around here. It’s Joel’s favorite holiday and he’s quickly teaching the kids that it should be theirs too. Here’s a quick look at our Halloween this year.

As is the normal for us, we started off our Halloween season carving a pumpkin.IMG_4154
We did the usual: Jack Skellington from “Nightmare Before Christmas.” The kids love him!IMG_4164IMG_4165

The kids and I went to the Kiddie Corn Maze at Cold Springs Trout Farm with Kaylee’s Joy School group.
They found some exciting things.
They both got to pick a pumpkin to take home with them.
And they got to feed the fish.

We also went to a neighborhood pumpkin carving party, which was good because Jack was looking pretty disgusting by that point. (That’s what happens when you get so excited for Halloween that you carve your pumpkins the first few days of the month… you end up getting TWO pumpkins!)

We don’t do this on purpose, but we tend to each have 2 different costumes every year (thank you Savers!).
Kaylee costume #1: Cowgirl. She wanted to wear this one to her Joy School Halloween party.

Logan was the only one who didn’t get 2 costumes (he didn’t want another one). For our ward party I was a hippie and Joel was a BYU fan the night they played TCU (the game was on during the party).
Fun surprises from the fishing game:

On Halloween day, the kids and I went to the Halloween party at Grandma Mum’s (Legacy House). They loved it! Kaylee wore costume #2: pirate. Logan costume: Spiderman. He’s slightly obsessed.
It was fun to see Grandma Mum (Joel’s grandma).IMG_4398
And the kids thought trick-or-treating to each apartment door was pretty awesome.

This is right before trick-or-treating. Kaylee kept her eye patch on the whole time we were at any party, until I realized this and let her know it was okay to take it off. She was relieved because she said it hurt after awhile. I stayed back to pass out candy while Joel took the kids around. He said they were pros!

After trick-or-treating we went to Joel’s aunt and uncles for a big family Halloween party with delicious chili that his grandpa makes. Yum!
Costume #2 for me: Medusa (I have snakes in my hair and a fancy dress from Savers).
Costume #2 for Joel: Ron Swanson (from Parks and Rec. Pretty much the coolest character on tv right now). For those of you who know the show... Joel has a bag of bacon.
Ron Swanson

Cutest picture from Halloween: Logan with his cousin, Connor. (Thanks for the pic. Spenc and Tiff!)

We had a great Halloween!

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Mike & Aubrey Janowicz said...

Love all the costumes, and love the top pic of Kaylee :)