Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our poor little girl

Anyone who has met Kaylee so far knows what a mild baby she is. She is just so sweet and hardly cries at all. Well this past week that's changed a bit. In the evenings she's been fussy and not as easy to calm down as normal. Turns out our poor baby has colic. I checked the symptoms on the internet and she's got them (except the crying for 3 hours straight part, thank goodness).

I actually didn't realize what colic was until now. I thought it was just what they called babies who cried a lot for no reason. I didn't realize they cried from pain.

I feel so bad for her! I just hate knowing she's in pain and not being able to make it go away. One website said that colic generally peaks around 6 weeks. Kaylee is 5 weeks, so I'm hoping it won't last too much longer (though it might get worse before it gets better). She's actually still very mild and doesn't cry that much. In the evenings we just have to be holding her and comforting her constantly until she falls asleep and then she'll be okay through the night and next day until evening comes around again. You can see on her face when her pain gets worse. It's so sad! I'm going to try to figure out if something I'm eating is hurting her. Hopefully she'll feel better soon!


The Hirschi Family said...

beth that is soo sad!!! i didn't know that they are in pain and thats why they cry. i thought like you that they just cry! so what kindof pain is she in?? yeah i hope that it doesn't get worse!! how sad!!! :( are you guys going crazy cause of it? well at least you don't have neighbors by you!! aayy!! so sad i hope she gets better really soon!!!!

The Woolley's said...

We so totally feel your pain!!!! Brent is exacty the same, it's only in the evenings! We can now think of each other and know we're not alone! Good luck, Amanda gave us some suggestions that have really helped, I'll call ya with them.