Thursday, December 13, 2007

We almost died at Denny's!

Okay, not really, but there was a fire.

Tuesday night Joel and I went to Denny's around 10:30. I got some hot chocolate (which they now put in a fancy little glass cup thing instead of a boring mug... it looked very pretty) and bacon cheese fries (yum!). Joel got a strawberry lemonade (the good kind with real strawberries and not just some flavoring squirted in) and a hamburger that had hashbrowns and an egg on it (it fits Joel so well you'd think he'd invented it). Kaylee had a pacifier.

We really enjoyed ourselves and our first time going out to eat since Kaylee was born. We got a box for our leftovers and were just finishing up when Joel noticed people pointing out the door. Our cars (yes, 2 cars... we met up there after I spent the day at my families and he had some Quick Wits shows) were parked right outside of the doors, so Joel went to check to make sure everything was okay. Turns out there was an electrical fire in one of the lights in between the glass doors.

We could smell it at that point and it smelled horrible! There weren't many people in Denny's that late (it was a little after 11 at this point). There were maybe 4 employees and less than 10 customers. The employees called 911 and were running around trying to figure out what to do. One of the customers was giving orders (turn off the lights, get everyone out, etc.). He was nice and told us we better get our baby out so she didn't have to smell the smoke. They turned out the lights and were getting everyone out. They said we didn't have to pay and they'd take care of it, but Joel felt bad and paid anyway.

So that's how we almost died. It's not actually that exciting of a story, but I found the whole thing to be quite funny and thought I'd share.


Bennett Family said...

Wow! I had no idea that that had happened. Glad it wasn't worse.

Ponczoch Family said...

We don't have fires at Denny's in Chile... next time you should eat here.

The Hirschi Family said...

beth i don't know exactly where to write you at? so people are probably going to think i'm dumb! but yesterday i wrote you a long letter and i didn't want everyone to read it (i wrote it on my page) so i didn't exactly delete it but i guess you didn't get it-i'm so mad cause it was way long! so i'm going to try to remember what i wrote to you-by the way where do i write you? so how long exactly have you lived in your "airport" house? love it!! it looks like it's really open space-nice!!! don't you hate all the noise through out the day and night?!? i guess it will be good for kaylee cause if you get them to sleep through loud stuff that is good!! just hope that she gets used to it!!! so where did you meet joel? and you going for the older men?!!? haha jk he's cute beth!! you guys make a good couple!! so did you and your family move up north after you graduated cause i was a dork -i new your parents moved but i can't remember when they moved. i just saw the gayest commercial about cheapbooks and none of the kids were even carrying books hello!! i just thought it was dumb! anyways that would be soo scary at denny's especially with a newborn you don't want them enhaling any of that smoke! at first i thought that you were going to say your cars caught on fire!! that would be bad! so where does joel work? did you work before you had her & are you still going to school-just taken a break?!! i know this is 20 questions, i thought you knew!!jk well if you could fill me in on where to write your letters or whatever that would be awesome so that i don't look too retarded!!! oh yeah why the heck does kim live down in chile? that is crazy!!! see ya jody

Sara Ann said...

Kim- Do you really have Denny's in Chile? Wow..what a perfect world...:)