Thursday, June 19, 2008

*Paige is right

We're always getting after her for not updating her blog and here we are without a post since the first of the month! And the thing is, there's a ton I can post about. I just haven't had the time or energy.

Kim was here with her girls for 3 weeks and it was so much fun!!! I miss her. She really ought to move closer. She keeps trying to get us to move by her, but Joel speaks Portuguese, not Spanish, so Chile won't work for us. I think since both her and Dave speak English, they should move here ;). Anyway, we had a ton of fun and I took hundreds of pictures. That's part of the reason I haven't posted for awhile. I'm almost too overwhelmed with pictures. I tried uploading them into photobucket, but it was taking forever and I haven't tried since. I've decided that for now I'll just pick a few to represent what we did and if I get the chance I'll post details about each of them.

Oh yeah, another reason I haven't posted since Kim left till now is because Joel and I were sick sick sick for a few days. Good timing actually. Kim left Friday, I got sick Friday night, Joel took care of me and Kaylee Saturday then he got sick Saturday night. I was still sick, but much better than I had been by Sunday so I was able to take care of him. By Tuesday we were both mostly over it. We had the worst flu either of us had had in a long time. It was no fun, but we're healthy now, so it's all good. I'm finally getting caught up on laundry and cleaning from the fun playing of the month and the sickness, so I have extra blogging time.

I think what I'm going to do is post 1 picture from everything I want to post about later as a reminder.

Cute cousins (or 2nd or something... my cousin, Heidi's, baby) Bailee and Kaylee playing

Family Pictures

Bean museum

Bylund family reunion

East High (where High School Musical was/is filmed)

Wheeler Farm

And those are just the things I personally have pictures of. I also have to post about:
  • Kangaroo Zoo
  • Our new callings
  • All of Kaylee's new tricks
  • Chuckee Cheese
  • etc.
Hmmm... yeah, don't expect even half of those posts, but I'll do what I can.

*This statement applies to this post only and is seldom true ;)


Kurtis & Iva said...

How fun to have had Kim in town for 3 weeks! It's always fun to get together with sisters.

We might just have to move up north sometime, but probably not for the next year. And I'd have to really think about the whole "snow in winter" thing. It would be fun to live closer to you so I could see you more than once every 2 years! I miss you!

Tyler and Thais said...

Hey Beth!

I started a blog for our family! I love seeing how much Kaylee has grown! Last time I saw you, you were still pregnant! We're hoping to go to UT in Dec. We'll see!

Ponczoch Family said...

Sooo fun! I'm not planning on updating much until mid-July, so I won't get mad at you for your lack of posting lately either. We had sooo much fun w/you guys... sorry that you got sick... were you just sick of us? Or maybe you just missed us so much it made you sick?

Paige said...

Hey. Rude. I'm always right.

MaKayle said...

We totally need together and play some Dr. Mario! I'm always looking for new opponents!

Michael & Jessica Dahlquist said...

Hey Beth,
I still think of you as Bethany White:). . .anyway. I entered the blogging world this week, and I came across your blog on Heidi's or Iva's site. It is so cool to see everything you've been up to the last couple of years. Your little girl is adorable. I'd love to get back in touch. Check out my blog

Heidi said...

It was fun to see you guys at Lagoon! Just wish we could have stayed longer.

Cute pic of our little girls!