Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This was fun, but both Joel and I are more excited to be able to take our kids (Joel's parents watched Kaylee for us). It was one of the busiest days I've ever been to Lagoon because there were a lot of big work parties. It was even difficult to walk on the paths because there were so many people. We were only able to go on each of the rides once (except the rocket- we went on that one twice), but it was still a good time.

I do now officially hate the Jet Star. At the end where it has the stop sign to warn you of the sudden stop I got completely clotheslined by the seatbelt. I saw the sign and thought I was bracing myself enough for it, but apparently not. I really thought I had broken a rib, it was so painful. It's still really bruised. I will never ever go on that one again.

My favorite ride was the new Odysea ride. I realize it's more of a kids ride, but I thought it was so much fun! Wicked was cool, but it went so fast I hardly got to enjoy it. The ride I think is scariest is Joel's favorite ride. It's the Rocket Re-entry ride. It's the one we went on twice. I seriously freaked out both times we went on it. I love it, but it scares me more than any other ride. If you really want it to scare you go at night on the side that faces the pavilions. It's so scary because there's really nothing in front of you at that height.

Here are a couple pictures of the day...

Joel's first ride on the Samurai

Joel in front of my new favorite ride, the Odysea

Both of us in front of the Odysea. Joel got soaked! It made me laugh so hard I was crying because he couldn't avoid it. The picture's blurry (a nice lady offered to take the picture), but it's the only picture of the both of us there, so I had to post it.

Kaylee had lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa while we played at Lagoon


Michael & Jessica Dahlquist said...

I can't tell you how fun it is to see what's going on for you guys. Kaylee has beautiful eyes. I will have to talk Michael into Lagoon. I have been telling him it would be way fun for the last couple of years.

Paige said...

WHAT? JOEL HAD NEVER BEEN ON SAMURAI?! That is just plain sad. Oh, and that picture of Kaylee is SOOOOO cute!

Bethany said...

He's never been on Rattlesnake Rapids either and that's one of my favorite rides. I was so excited to go on it with him this year, but it was closed all day :(.

Mike & Aubrey Janowicz said...

i hate the jet star as well! i never go on that one.

Backwoods Browns said...

I've never been but it sure looks like you guys had a blast!

Kaylee's eyes look so gorgeous in that picture!!