Friday, November 14, 2008

One Year Ago. . .

Since my little girl turned one today, I thought I'd share my journal entry about her birth, thus preserving it in another place aside from my journal. So if you'll forgive me for indulging a bit, here I go:

Kaylee was born today at 4:15 pm. She was 20 inches long and weighed 8 pounds/8 ounces. And she is just adorable. Everything went so well and we are very blessed.

This morning I was just about to get up and get ready for work when I heard Beth's phone ring. We weren't expecting [to go to the hospital] until the afternoon, but they said that they had an opening at 9:30 so it was time to go.
It was funny because we were in a rush because we needed to get there on time, but it wasn't the mad-dash "she's in labor" crazy rush.

We got here right on time and since Beth had pre-registered we went right on in. They got her set up in [the delivery room] here at [the hospital]. The room felt like a hotel room. It was very big and we had a nice view of the temple.

The doctor came in and broke her water right away. . . . Then the labor began. It was hard to see Beth in pain and not be able to do anything about it. She handled it very well, though.

After a while of labor pains they came in to give her the epidural. I thought it was going to freak me out, but it was fine. I was
actually really fascinated by it all and I was asking a bunch of questions. It was amazing how it was all set up and how quickly it began to work.

Beth was really tired when the medicine kicked in. And she couldn't feel the contractions anymore so that was pretty cool. Beth's Mom got there and gave Beth some comfort. Beth progressed really quick and when she was dilated to an 8 I called my family to come down.

Beth started to feel really nauseous and even threw up a couple of times. Poor girl.

They put her on oxygen when she began pushing. It was weird to me how different it was from what I expected. I always thought it was an hour or two of labor, a couple of pushes and it was done. But she was in labor for almost 6 hours and then she had about an hour of pushing.

I, once again, thought I was going to be really queasy about seeing the actual birth, but I was just amazed by how it was all working. . . .And when the baby came out I couldn't believe how big she was and that she actually came out of Beth!

She was a blue-grey color and then she slowly turned pink and when they
were cleaning her up she was a bright red.

She's a healthy baby girl and it's cute because I think she recognizes my voice. She seems really mild-mannered and alert when she's awake. Beth is very tired and very sore, but she's happy. And I am, too.

It still doesn't feel like she's ours, but it's slowly sinking in. I'm a daddy!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! We love you!


Naomi Johnson said...

Isn't it crazy how fast time flies. I can't believe how big she has gotten, and she is soooo adorable. Happy Birthday Kaylee

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee! She is so cute!

The Woolley's said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee! A day late! You are going to be walking before Brent! What a fun journal entry! Thanks for sharing!

Familia Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee! You have awesome parents! Thanks for sharing that journal entry, your kids will treasure that forever!

The Mateus Family said...

That's great you wrote in your journal! Kaylee is such a cute little girl. I can't believe she's a year old.

Brown Family said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee!! Where does the time go!!She is so cute!!I loved the video!

Kurtis and Iva said...

Happy Birthday to Kaylee! (only a few days late.) Isn't it crazy when your little baby turns one!? I still can't believe Ben will be two in just a few weeks. But I better come to grips soon, because I'm about to become a mother of three!

The Parker Family said...

She's such a beautiful, stinkin' cute little girl with glowing lovely blue eyes! I can't believe she is ONE! Happy B-day Kaylee!