Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I forgot a point for my previous post (make sure you still check that one out below - it has some fun news):

6. I too think the dog running into the wall is funny, but we will not be getting a dog. Joel and Kaylee both have a dog already. His name is Hurley and he lives at Grandma and Grandpa Hilton's. We don't have to take care of him, but we can see him whenever we want. Kaylee loves to pet, feed, and talk baby talk to Hurley (she gets in his face, shakes her head back and forth, and talks to him differently than she talks to us). It's a great situation for all involved... especially me ;) .


Joel said...

For the record: Beth did say that we're allowed to have a medium-sized dog if we move to a warm climate.

Jay said...

Every little boy needs a dog just remember that w/the new bundle on the way. Congratulations btw that is awesome. (Boys are easier than girls for the record)

Heidi said...

Smart woman! (Wish I could say the same for me. Lol.)

Joel, feel free to come play with Buck, get slobbered on by him, clean up his poop, hair, and muddy feet, replace items that he chews to pieces, feed and water him, among other things ANYTIME! (no charge :))

Brooke Bennett said...

Oh good. I don't want a dog either. Someday we'll have an outside dog cause Shaun wants one so bad.... but NEVER INSIDE.