Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cookie Cutters Hair Cut

A few weeks ago I got sick of Kaylee's hair always hanging in her eyes, so we decided she needed a haircut. I cut her bangs a few months ago and it didn't look that good, so we decided we needed a professional to do it this time.

We took her to Cookie Cutters. I highly recommend it! In Utah hey have locations from Bountiful to Lehi. It's a hair cutting place for kids and they really do a good job.

First she (we) got to pick out a movie to watch. They had tons of choices. Then she (we) picked where she would sit. We thought she'd like the cute yellow car (the pink one was already taken).

She was SO excited when she first saw Elmo on the tv (somehow she already knew who he was and loved him even though this is the first time she's actually seen him on tv). (Notice the bangs in the eyes.)

Mommy trying to decide how she wants it cut while Kaylee watches Elmo. We went with cutting her bangs and giving her layers in the back to help the curls. (Joel was there too. He was the wonderful photographer.)

She got to eat a sucker while watching Elmo, sitting in a cute car, and getting her haircut (oh, and wearing a darling smock)!

Look how cute this place is!


The finished product.
So beautiful!
We didn't get a picture of this, but she got a balloon when she left with a heart-shaped cookie cutter tied to the bottom. They even had the string cut really short, so it was just her size. So fun!


Heidi said...

What fun! That place looks awesome!

Kaylee is so cute!

Brooke Bennett said...

That little video is so cute! Oh how we love that girl!!!

Naomi Johnson said...

what a cute place, And her hair cut turned out great. she is so adorable!

The Mateus Family said...

That sounds like an awesome place! Her hair looks darling too!

Summer said...

Love the cute cut! What a doll!

Sara Ann said...

I love her haircut! She looks so darling:)

Familia Taylor said...

cute hair cut! She did so well :)

Jessica said...


Brown Family said...

Love her hair!! She looks so grown up with her hairstyle!

Jenn said...

I love the cut! How long did she leave the clip in? ;)

Bethany said...

Jenn, I think the clip lasted about 45 minutes. She loves hats, but not hair things.