Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ok, Ok, I Got "Tagged"

I'm not trying to push the baby pictures down, but I got tagged by Kim and since she's pretty cool (and since Beth made me) I guess I'll acknowledge the tagging and answer the questions. :)

*How long have you been together? We've been together since 6-6-06 (if you include texting)
*How long did you date? I've been dating since I was fifteen, but I won't admit that to my parents and/or children.
*How old is she? She's old enough for me and young enough for her.
*Who eats more? Me. Totally. Although she has been eating more since she had the baby.
*Who said I love you first? Me. I had to otherwise she was going to beat me up.
*Who is taller? Me. Unless she has on her ultra-high stiletto Spice Girl platform heels
*Who sings better? I don't know. She won't sing in front of me. I lean in during church and she sings softer.
*Who is smarter? I plead the 5th on that question. (See! I do know law terms, Beth!)
*Who does the laundry? The machine at my parents' or her parents' house.
*Who does the dishes? The machine at our house with the duct tape on it.
*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Which way are we facing when asking this question? At the foot? At the head? On the left side? On the right side? Where?!?!
*Who pays the bills? Our landlord. Sweet!!
*Who mows the lawn? Probably the plane mechanics. I'm not sure.
*Who cooks dinner? Lately? The relief society.
*Who drives when you are together? Me. Beth gets too distracted when I'm sitting next to her.
*Who is more stubborn? Me! It's been me and it'll always be me! Me.
*Who kissed who first? According to Newton's 3rd law (For every force acting on an object, the object will exert an equal, yet opposite, force on its cause.) When I kissed her, she was kissing me back with equal and opposite force. So it was a tie.
*Who asked who out? I asked her out. She hesitated.
*Who proposed? I did. I totally tricked her into thinking I wasn't. Ha!!
*Who is more sensitive? Me. I cry everytime I see that last play from the 2006 BYU vs. U of U game. It was so beautiful. So beautiful!
*Who has more friends? She does. She has Tyra, Regis, Kelly, Oprah, Elizabeth, Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chuck, Ned, Olive, Emerson, etc.
*Who has more siblings? She does. . . for now!
*Who wears the pants in the family? All my pants are in the hamper. :(


Ponczoch Family said...

So are your parents hoping for more or are you going to start killing us off?

Joel said...


Ponczoch Family said...

Wow... maybe I'll get your parent's to adopt some of us to spare our lives;)

Joel said...

I've discussed it over with them.

They'll take Ryan and Kelsi.