Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kim Tagged Me

Kim tagged me, which means I need to post 6 things you may not know about me and then tag 6 people who have to do the same. She's in big trouble because I don't know what to put! I'll tag my people first: Joel, Iva, Josh, Krista, Mike and Shaina (sorry Joel, I totally took your friends because I don't know many people who blog). Now I'll give the 6 things a try (everyone probably already knows these things, but oh well)...

  1. My favorite hobby makes me feel a bit guilty. I love making chocolates and desserts and sharing them with everyone, but I know it's so unhealthy! Why can't it be as fun making healthy food as it is to make sweets?
  2. I love reality tv. Not the Dancing with the Stars type or even American Idol (I get bored with those). I like the competition ones where the show is only one night and America is not doing the voting: Survivor, Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek, etc.
  3. I absolutely love Elisabeth Hasselbeck from "The View!" I recently started watching the Hot Topics segment of the show and I love her because of her conservative views and the way she stands up for them when everyone gives her such a hard time. Plus we're both having a baby this month. And if that wasn't enough I found out yesterday that she has celiac disease! I love anyone who is living a gluten-free lifestyle because they understand what it's like for me!
  4. This was sort of said in #3, but I have a sensitivity to gluten. Don't know if it's actual celiac disease or just an intolerance, but I don't eat any gluten (it's found in wheat, flour, barley, rye, and most oats). It's been one of the hardest things in my life, especially during the early months of pregnancy, but it's getting easier. Everyone probably already knew about this, but you might not know that I love talking about it with everyone who will listen and I really think that a lot more people have it than realize. I try to convince people to try it out.
  5. The hardest thing about making dinner is deciding what to make. Once I decide, I enjoy making it, but I hate hate hate deciding.
  6. One of my favorite things to do is walk around Michael's or Robert's craft stores and dream up all the things I want to learn to do. Kinda nerdy, I know.


Sara Ann said...

Beth- I did not know any of those things about you! Um, I would not feel bad AT ALL if you made me a yummy unhealthy treat....your nursery is so cute:)

Bennett Family said...

Dude, I love Elisabeth from The View too. And I love reality tv... but more of stuff like the bachelor or real world.... mtv.

Tobler Family said...

Hey Bethany, I found your page from Brooke's. I keep checking back to see when you have your baby! And by the way - I love the biggest loser too! My husband says that because I do, it makes me a big loser, but I like to watch it, and also beauty and the geek! Your nursery is way cute! I love the boxes you made!

Kurtis & Iva said...

Hey, anytime you want to ship some of your chocolate stuff to me, you are more than welcome! :)

Dan and Naomi Johnson Family said...

I love what you did with the baby decorations! it is so cute!!! I wish i knew how to do that stuff! someday i am sure I will try.. congratulations on the sweet little girl.. they are so fun!!! I would love to know about the gluten free diet stuff that you were talking about.. I am interested to know about it. I had no idea about the sensitivity you have. I would love to learn about it though! It will be hard with a baby but keep in touch let me know about it when ever you have any time!