Monday, February 25, 2008

Nickname Tag

Kim tagged me. I don't always do these, but I think it will be fun to remember these down the road, so here goes...

  • Princess
  • Kaylee-Bailey-Mailey-Sailey-and any other word I come up with at the time that rhymes
  • Punkin
  • Squirt, Squirty Pants (sounds gross, I know... it just comes out)
  • Pretty much any word followed by "pants"
  • 'tinky bum (from her grandma Hilton)
  • Snot Face (said with a British accent by Uncle Mikey)
  • Baby Jane (by Joel)
  • Pooper (usually said as I'm walking with her to her changing table)
  • of course all of the normal ones babies are called: Angel, Sweetie, Gorgeous, My Love, etc.
  • I'm sure there are more. I'll let Joel add if he thinks of any.
BETHANY (these are my current nicknames I can think of)
  • Hany (by Kim), Haney, Hanes her Way (by "Weirdo" Dave)
  • Betsy, Betty
  • Beth (of course)
  • Me and Joel are cheesy and use nicknames, but nothing specific (things like sweetie, hon, etc.)
JOEL (I'm not really sure about all of Joel's nicknames, but I'll do my best)
  • Joey, Joe
  • Joe-Joe
  • Weirdo (I tend to call a lot of people this)
  • I always use cheesy nicknames for him (honey, love, babe, sweetie, etc.). Poor Joel (and anyone who has to hear me use them). He hears all of them from me. The worst part is sometimes I'll mix up the cheesy nicknames I use for Kaylee and use them on Joel.
I'm tagging a few people who need to post more: Heidi (there are 2 Heidi's... you can both do it), Eleasha, and Jody.


Rammell said...

What happened to Joe's all time favorite? Joeybear!

Ponczoch Family said...

Oh, Hanes Her Way... that is still often your name at our house. And squirty pants, ya, sounds sick. haha

Joel said...

No one calls me Joeybear anymore, Rammell. No one. :(

Brian & Heidi Wood said...

Sorry, Beth! I just was reading your blog, and saw that you tagged me :) Yeah! It is so fun to be able to read about your adorable family.