Monday, February 11, 2008

One Whole Year!

That's how long Joel and I have been married! Crazy! We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Saturday, February 9. It was so much fun! Joel is amazing and did a great job planning it and surprising me. Here's the story (it's long, so I'll add pictures to make it more entertaining)...

First of all, Joel let me know I needed to have 2 bottles ready for Kaylee "just in case." He said we could be having someone babysit her or she could be coming with us and he was having me get the bottles ready to throw me off. He also told me to wear a nice dress, bring a change of clothes, and be ready Saturday at noon.
Saturday morning I woke up to find Joel gone. I texted him to find out where he was. He texted me back and had me check everywhere in the apartment he could possibly be hiding and then I heard a knock on the door. There was sweet Joel with a dozen beautiful roses! And not just any roses... my favorite kind (the peachish/orange kind with red tips)! Then he made me eggs, orange juice, and gluten-free pancakes (my favorite).
We were ready to leave shortly after noon and we headed south. He kept having me try to guess what the plans were and he, of course, kept throwing me off track. My main guess was that we were dropping Kaylee off with my family and going to the temple, but when we were at the light to turn to get to my families he kept driving straight. That confused me. Where were we going in church clothes that we could take Kaylee? Well, he was just trying to trick me and he turned around and we took Kaylee to my families after all. But then he didn't turn the right way to get to the temple. We were heading towards Orem/Provo, so my new guesses were restaurants, but I couldn't figure out which. Joel continued to make sure I was confused by taking detours along the way. We drove past our first apartment in Orem and continued to head south. I kept guessing where we were going and kept guessing wrong. Lucky him, I completely forgot where my favorite restaurant was located until it was in site. He took me to Carrabba's! YUM!!!!!!!
Here's what I got (description straight from menu):
10 oz. USDA Choice center-cut sirloin
grilled and topped with mushrooms,
prosciutto and our Lombardo
Marsala wine sauce
(can't find a picture of it)

Joel got this (it wouldn't let me highlight the description, so I'm posting the link):
I also got the most delicious strawberry cream smoothie that tasted like Creme Savers, only better and Joel got frozen strawberry lemonade. I've now decided that my favorite food is chicken and sirloin marsala and my favorite drink is the smoothie I had there. I was seriously in heaven!Yes, I did post the food descriptions to make you all jealous ;).

After we ate we went across the street to Sierra West to have my ring inspected (don't want any diamonds falling out!) and cleaned. I love how it sparkles!
(This picture is from a fake joke announcement we sent to my cousin making fun of announcements that highlight the ring, hence the pink circle. Also, it's without the wedding band.)

Next we went to the Timpanogas temple to do sealings (I did guess right! Just not in the right order). It was my first time doing sealings and really neat to be at the temple on our anniversary.
After that we went to pick up Kaylee from my families and we hung out a bit. At this point I was under the impression that we were heading back to our place to hang out. I was wrong. Joel had another surprise for me... he took me to see Enchanted!!!
Yes, this is now one of my favorite movies. I loved it! So did Kaylee. She was so good during the movie and even watched half of it (we took her to a movie before and it was a disaster). Afterwards we went home and hung out. It was such a great day!

I love Joel so much! He is the perfect man for me and an amazing father to Kaylee! The past year was wonderful and I look forward to the rest of eternity.


Ponczoch Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fun day of celebration. Don't you just love Enchanted? I don't know that I could get Dave to a theater to watch it with me, so way to go Joel!

Naomi Johnson said...

sounds like a great day! what a thoughtful and clever guy you have.... after having met him I can kinda imagine how it would have turned out! congratulations on 1 year.... it goes by fast... and faster with babies!

Bennett Family said...

Woohoo! What a fun day!

Paige said...

Awwww how cute. However, Beth, I think there was more detail when you told me in person. I think Joel would be disappointed... haha

Kurtis & Iva said...

Yeah!!! One year! It sounds like you have a wonderful day! good for Joel to have so many surprises in store!

Matt and Laci said...

Oh so cute, Thats awesome!!!! Happy Anniversary (late)

Rachel said...

I love that you put that picture of the ring in! Just so you Know ever since you sent me that invite, I have gotten one from almost all of the other cousins who got married! I love it!!

The Hirschi Family said...

hey stranger!!! i haven't talked to you in a long time!!! oh my gosh that sounded soo cute!!! you've got a great guy it sounds like!!!!! that is just so cute i love it!!!! BTW I LOVE LOVE your wedding pic at the top!! so cute! and so pretty! i love your hair dark!! it's really pretty!! do you ever come down to STG? i want to hang out some way and i want to see kaylee!! soooooo sad that she got RSV that sounds really really scary!!! is she better yet?!! i hope so!!!! scary stuff!!!!