Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're almost better!

The 3 of us are still a bit congested, but otherwise we're almost completely better! Yay! It was a tough week. Kaylee was the first to start getting sick with a cold. It wasn't very bad at first, but by Tuesday (12th) her coughing was awful, so I took her to InstaCare. They checked her out and guessed she just had a bad cold and not RSV because her lungs sounded clear (they sent out a sample to be tested anyway). That night Joel woke up with the chills. It was so weird because he's always warm (we call him the "human torch"). He threw up the next morning and slept the next 2 days. By Thursday I started getting Kaylee's cold and Joel had it soon after that (before he was even over the flu, poor guy).

Sunday night I get a call from a nurse at InstaCare checking up on how Kaylee was feeling. I let her know that she was sounding much better. She asked me if I had any questions and I just mentioned that they had taken the sample for testing, but I hadn't heard back so I assumed everything was fine (the doctor had sounded convinced that everything was). The nurse kind of paused and was like "um, no, it's positive. She has RSV." What?! She had called to check up, thinking I already knew. She spent extra time with me on the phone letting me know what to do (no going out for a few weeks, watch her breathing, use a humidifier, etc.). Thank goodness it's only showing itself as a cold for Kaylee, but it's still a scary thing to hear as parents! She is getting better, but don't be offended if we become hermits for the next few weeks till she's fully over it.

Anyway, Joel had work off on Monday for the holiday (good thing, 'cause he still wasn't feeling great) and I had the 1 day flu. He was able to go back to work on Tuesday and I must say, I've really been missing him since. I hated that he was sick, but I really enjoyed spending 6 straight days with him at home. It will be so nice when we're all 100% better. I hope all you other sickos (and soon to be sickos, I'm sure) get better soon!


Kurtis & Iva said...

Having a sick baby is the worst! Glad to hear you're all feeling a bit better though. :)

The Woolley's said...

No Fun! I'm so sorry to hear she had RSV, ick! I would totally be a hermit too! Wait, I already am, hehehe!

Ponczoch Family said...

Sad! Tell Kaylee her favorite aunt is wishing her well. Oh, & the new look of your site is super cute. And fun new blogs... I can't keep up with 1, good luck with 3!

RN2B said...


I hope you guys get better.

Ciccio said...

Joel is the human torch? Could you expound on that in your next blog?