Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have some awards I'd like to hand out from Easter egg dying Friday night and Saturday:

Most "Perfect" Eggs- Dad
For his eggs that were one solid color without any fingerprints on them
(top row, second from right)

Weirdest Egg- Joel
For his egg that looked like a Nickelodeon creation

Longest Dyed Eggs- Kelsi
For her very bright eggs
(notice the hot pink one with dots on the bottom left)
I'd also like to recognize Kelsi for choosing and mixing the dyes.

Most Creative AND Best Overall- Ryan
For his ultimately awesome unique eggs
(people eggs, flag egg, scenic egg, trumpet egg, etc.)

Awards of Participation go to:

(for being present and looking cute),
(for getting the eggs and dye ready and for holding Kaylee),
(for dying a few eggs before leaving to hang out with friends),
& Me
(for initiating egg dying both days).


Backwoods Browns said...

Those are cool eggs!

Ponczoch Family said...

Haha! Are you going to initiate egg dying when I'm in town? Looks like fun!

Bennett Family said...

So cute! Looks like fun! Glad Kaylee got an award! She's getting so big!

Bethany said...

Kim- Heck yes I am! I love dying eggs! We even dyed 3 or 4 raw eggs at Mom and Dad's because we didn't want to be done when we ran out of hard boiled.

Naomi Johnson said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! very creative... I like the faces!

Mike said...

Bethany, I can't believe you didn't receive any awards. This was your chance to shine!

Kurtis & Iva said...

Love the awards! Are you planning to head down this way this summer? If you need somewhere to stay, I have a spare room, and if that doesn't entice you, the pool is just down the street! We try to get the girls together every 3 months or so, and if you come down :) that would give us an even greater excuse!

The Hirschi Family said...

those eggs turned out so cute!!