Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tagged by the Number 5

Brooke tagged me awhile ago and I'm finally doing it (read #2 on my to do list and you'll discover 1 big reason I'm so late in responding and posting in general lately).

5 things on my to do list...
  1. Spring cleaning.
  2. Find a new toy (exersaucer?) to keep Kaylee's attention for long periods of time (the swing isn't cutting it anymore).
  3. Work on my gluten-free blog.
  4. Sew some clothes for Kaylee and work on other fun crafts.
  5. Get the dining room lights fixed.

5 Snacks I Love...
  1. Cake truffles.
  2. Fiddle Faddle. And plain popcorn.
  3. Smoothies.
  4. Pretty much anything chocolate, caramel, or toffee flavored.
  5. Chips and homemade salsa.

5 things I will never wear again...

Most of these things have to do with my hair. Either I didn't wear weird things in the 80's or I'm not certain I wouldn't wear them again... scary).
  1. Shorts above the knee.
  2. Big scrunchies in my hair or on my wrist.
  3. Layered colored socks (my main memory while wearing these, I was riding in the "Beast" van with my cousin Heidi and we were both wearing our socks this way... it was totally radical dude).
  4. My bangs hairsprayed straight up.
  5. Big bows in my hair.

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire...
  1. Build a house with a fun playroom for the kids, a theater room for Joel, and a craft room for me.
  2. Travel, especially cruises!
  3. Get an awesome minivan (yes, I'm a geek and I want a minivan... I've already admitted that in a previous post).
  4. Help out others. If anyone has seen Oprah's Big Give (it's the show I watch online while feeding Kaylee at 3am), what the people on there have the opportunity to do each week is my dream.
  5. Throw parties. I would love to be able to throw big elaborate parties for family and friends. I'd have so much fun planning the buffet, decorations, entertainment, etc. I want to do birthday parties, holiday theme parties, and just because parties. I realize I can do them now, but it would be fun if money wasn't an issue and I could do whatever I could dream up.

5 Bad Habits...

Hmmm, where to start...
  1. Nail biting.
  2. Interrupting people (sorry everyone I've done this to and will do it to in the future! I'm working on it).
  3. Shoplifting. Okay, not really. Well... not really on purpose. And it's only happened twice, so it's not really a habit. I just need to look closer under the carseat in the cart when I take Kaylee shopping. Two different times I've gotten out to my car and found a little 99 cent item in the cart when I lift Kaylee out (jell-o and car lightbulbs). Talk about frustrating! Don't worry, both times I went back into the store and bought the item. Even though it was an accident I still felt like a criminal.
  4. Procrastination. And getting annoyed when someone reminds me about the thing I'm procrastinating. I always get to the things I need, but I have to be in the mood or I won't do it.
  5. My curiosity. It's pretty bad. I like to know details about things. Even when it has nothing to do with me. "Curiosity" is actually a nice way of putting it. "Nosy" is more accurate. My "nosiness" does seem to go in waves though. Sometimes I want to know details to everything and sometimes I couldn't care less.

5 of my favorite toys...Nostalgics

I still have every single one of these toys. I couldn't give them up, so now my girls get to play with them :).
  1. Polly Pockets (back when they were tiny). I have a lot, but Paige might have more.
  2. Barbies. Kim, Brooke, and I even had a Barbie room for awhile. It was awesome! We could set up all of our Barbie furniture and just leave it there for days.
  3. Dolls. I couldn't choose between 6 toys, so I combined my Cabbage Patch Doll and Strawberry Shortcake Doll into one.
  4. Love-A-Lot Carebear. She's the pink one with 2 hearts on her tummy.
  5. Smooshies. Does anyone remember these?! I have yet to find someone (besides my family) that remembers these, which is weird because they always had commercials for them the year I got them for Christmas. Here is a picture I found online of one I had (her name was even Beth):


Ponczoch Family said...

PLEASE get to my house ASAP... Hailey's big party is tomorrow & I could sure use your help!!!

I LOVED the Barbie room. We seriously had the best times in there! And as for the Smooshies... you had sooo many, and the rest of us had none- what's the deal? At least you were nice & shared.

Bethany said...

Kim- As I recall, nobody else wanted Smooshies. In fact, Santa accidentally mixed mine and Brooke's presents up the year I got them (she got her My Little Ponies Salon) and I remember we were both just looking at each others presents so sadly and I wondered why she got what I asked for. Good thing Mom and Dad realized that Santa had goofed and had us switch! Oh, and I'll continue to share them. Your girls can play with them if you visit us. They're so fun!

Kurtis & Iva said...

I remember Smooshies! I never had any personally, but one of my little friends from elementary had them and she would let me play with them!

Cher said...

HI GUYS! Its me Cheryl Allen (went to school with joel). My sis just helped me start a blogspot too! Add me to your friends and I'll do the same! Congrats on the adorable family!

Brooke Bennett said...

Our barbie room really was so much fun! I loved your smooshies!!! I think I gave my little polly pockets to Paige or Kelsi :(

Naomi Johnson said...

I think I am pretty nosy myself. I am always curious about everyone and everything, where people I knew in high school are and what they are doing or about new food ideas or what ever it might be... so don't feel bad... and shoplifting.. haha... I have done the same thing... get out and forget that I even gave her some toy to keep her occupied.. a little rubber ducky toy... I just took it back inside... lol I bring my own toys now...

Heidi said...

Gotta love the socks! I still have my polly pockets too!

Scott said...


Wow, I think the last time I saw you was in your yard for your farwell.

Looks like your living the life man. Great lookin family. Congrats!!

Stop by and drop me a line.

-scott langford and co