Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun Pictures

I don't know if it was because I was in a good mood this morning or if I'm just plain crazy (probably both), but when Kaylee insisted she pour her own cereal I let her do it.
She actually did get most of it in the bowl.
"Huh. Eating Cheerios can actually lower my cholesterol?? Interesting. . ."
She then insisted on helping me clean up. So cute!

Water fun at Grandma's.
She wasn't a fan of the sprinkler, so we pulled out tubs and buckets and she loved it!This is a really neat free water place by some city office buildings. I wish it wasn't getting cold so fast, so we could go back.We met up with Brooke and Shaun and their kids. Kaylee loved Macee's swimsuit. The cutest part was when Kaylee said each of the princess's names and Macee said, "Yeah, that's right! Good job!" What a cutie! Jeffrey and Macee are so sweet to Kaylee.

We went out to eat for Joel's brother, Brent's, birthday. Kaylee had a great time and was good even though we didn't get there till her bedtime.

Kaylee loves stickers. This day she shared with Logan.
It looks like he's smiling in this picture, so I'm guessing he didn't mind ;).

Does he look bored to anyone else?


Sara Ann said...

So cute:) I think she looks a lot like you in one of those pictures! It is fun to see Logan growing up, I love his hair!

Brooke Bennett said...

That's very brave to let Kaylee pour her own cereal. I haven't even done that yet.... but Marshmallow Mateys is a little harder to pour. That's so nice of Kaylee to share her stickers with her brother! And yes, Logan does look very bored. lol

Heidi said...

You are nice! I have already had WAY too much cereal dumped on the floor lately! I seriously love Kaylee's hair with it all pulled up in a ponytail, so cute! And Logan is just a doll, bored or not. Lol.

Familia Taylor said...

Cute, cute, cute kids! I love how you captured Logan's 'bored' moment! :)

Brown Family said...

I love when kids start getting so independent!! Cute pictures!!! The one of Logan all bored looks like something you see on a poster or online! Love it!!

Naomi Johnson said...

such cute pictures... you are very nice to let her pour her own cereal.. such cute pictures.