Friday, September 25, 2009

Posh N Pretty

I told some cousins up at the women's retreat (which was tons of fun, by the way!) that I'd post the link to this site. It's where I learned to make hair bows and all the tips to make them better. You can also get way cute kufi caps in lots of colors (knit caps you put flowers on) for only $2.50 (the cheapest I've seen them elsewhere was $7 and I thought that was a good deal). They have them in infant size and then a fits all size. There's even a tutorial on how to make them.

There are also the knit headbands that you can clip the flowers to for really cheap and in tons of colors. I also got a bunch of ribbon from the site because it's a great price.

Posh N Pretty Boutique Creations

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you're going to order something there is usually a coupon code on the site. If you can't find it I probably have one in an email from them that I can give you.

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Brown Family said...

Way cute! There is another that's great called It's a forum and instructional site, Bethany you'd love it ! Check it out!! I love all these instructional sites!!