Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homemade Detergent and Rite Aid Deals

I wanted to get this Rite Aid thing up now hoping people will check blogs tonight.

You can get tons of stuff for free from Rite Aid this week. It's mostly stuff for the cold and flu season. The best part about it is even if you don't think you'll use any of it (I like it as part of food storage) you can actually MAKE MONEY off of it.

My favorite site for this is (She's awesome. They're working to buy a house with cash- yes, it does help that her husband is a lawyer and she has a totally successful money making blog, but still... pretty cool.) You can find everything that should be free as well as links to coupons, so you can earn money off the items.

It's best if you have coupons from the Sunday paper. You can earn lots more if you do, but there are printable coupons even if you don't. I didn't have the right Sunday coupons needed, but I'll still be able to make $10 on top of all the stuff I'll get for free. Be sure to print off the Rite Aid coupon for $5 off when you spend $25.

It's best if you go first thing in the morning (as in 8:00 am) just so you won't have to worry about products being gone. Plus the employees haven't been dealing with crazy couponers all day yet, so they're usually happier to help you out.

I should have posted about Rite Aid's deals last week too (sorry). I got $59.67 worth of stuff for free, plus made $12. Not bad!

Just so you know, you will have to pay for this, enter your receipt info online, and then wait for the rebate check. Joel wasn't so sure about my couponing at first because I was spending a bunch of money on things we didn't need. But he has seen the benefits of it and that we for sure get the money back and now he loves it!

Text or call with any questions. I'll be up at 8 :).

Also, homemade laundry detergent is awesome. I'll do more of a post on this later, but for now here is a link to the recipe I used: I made the liquid one. If anyone has any questions on this, let me know so I can answer them in the actual post I do on it.


Joel said...

Thanks for the heads up!

I'll let my wife know.

Amanda said...

Thanks Bethany! Woohoo! Now, about being there at 8:00... we'll see!

Familia Taylor said...

You are just amazing! I wish I could have been there at 8 this did it go for you? did you find everything? Both Rite aid and Walgreens around here seem to run out of everything on sundays :(