Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farewell Fablehaven!

(First of all, if you haven't read the Fablehaven series yet, do so!)

Joel is friends with Brandon Mull, the author of Fablehaven. They were in Divine Comedy together.

(If you don't know what Divine Comedy is, click here or here or here or here.)

Yes, my husband is extremely talented. And hot.

Back to Fablehaven.

There are 5 books in the series. The 5th one was released March 23 (a post about the launch party is coming). The Saturday before that there was a "Farewell Fablehaven" party for Brandon's friends and family. His wife, with the help of at least one sister and a friend, did an amazing job planning it. It makes me want to do event planning again (I majored in it in college for a few months. A wedding planning internship at Thanksgiving Point made me switch majors to something else).

We had a lot of fun and were flattered to have been invited (it was a pretty intimate party with about 50 people).

Here are some of the highlights of the evening:
The thought that went into the details was truly amazing!!! For anyone who has read the books, those name cards were attached to little vials filled with "milch" (aka: magic milk).
Brandon's picture was on all of the beverage bottles and even on the m&m's in the middle of each table!

We answered questions about Fablehaven to earn "gold coins" for an auction. (The auction was fun. There were gold coins hidden all over that we found at the beginning and then there were opportunities to earn more later.)

The items for the auction were so cool! Everything had something to do with the books. Joel and I ended up getting a box set of the first 3 books all signed by Brandon.
(No, I'm not pregnant. The shirt just makes me look like I am.)
(Oh, and the fact that my metabolism decided to give out the week after I turned 26 doesn't help either.)

This was actually the first time I met Brandon. Nice guy. I'm now a fan of both his books and him and his wife (she is so cute!).

I wish we'd taken more pictures, but I was already feeling a little geeky with how excited I was to be there and about all of the cool details from the book. The decorations were awesome, the food was delicious, the company was great, etc. etc. Did I mention how amazing the details were?!? Because they really were.

We're really happy for Brandon and for the success he's having! Seriously, read his books if you haven't. I'm not just saying they're good because we know him; his books have been on the New York Times Best Seller List.

He also wrote The Candy Shop War (which I loved) and a children's book called Pingo and he has more coming.


Maggie said...

That is awesome! I have yet to read the books, but this makes me want to read them more!

Telfords said...

that is so cool! ben has that series, he loves them.

Heidi said...

Luke and I read his series at the beginning of the year (the first 4) and were so glad to find out that the last one was coming out in March. I just recently finished it and really loved it! That's cool that you got to meet him and go to that event.

Kurtis and Iva said...

I'll have to give the books another chance. I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, but maybe if I read them all I'll like them more.

Leslie said...

Ohh lucky! I LOVED the whole Fablehaven series! Brandon Mull is amazing.