Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makes a parent feel good

We were at Joel's families for the Sunday sessions of General Conference. Kaylee was sitting up to the counter in the kitchen having some snacks, while the rest of us were in the living room watching conference on TV.

We were enjoying the talk when Kaylee started yelling something. It was a word I'd never heard her say before, so I didn't immediately know what she was saying. I noticed she was staring at the TV as she repeated herself. Then I realized what it was...


I looked back at the TV and President Henry B. Eyring was the speaker.

We've got this picture hung up in the kids room and we occasionally go over who's in it. I mostly focus on the prophet, President Monson, because I for sure want her to know him, so I was surprised that she knew who President Eyring was when she saw him on TV.

What a sweet girl.
(It's progress from last year- she called him "Grandpa"when she saw him.)

P.S. If you'd like to read/watch/listen
to President Eyring's talk,
click here.


Paige said...

That little girl is just too smart for her own good. That is so adorable!

Telfords said...

Wow, she is so smart and cute!