Sunday, April 18, 2010

Having two young kids (one of which is a major mama's boy) can make one question their sanity.

Then something like this happens, your heart melts, and everything is alright.

Is there anything better than a babies laughter?

Yes there is.
A baby laughing while watching his older sister adoringly.

P.S. Although it is similar, this is not
the sweet potatoes video.
It's a little different.
Both were so cute,
I couldn't choose just one to post. :)


Ponczoch Family said...

Hailey says: Cute! I want to have a baby, to play with it!

Ava says: Logan is so cute!

Jinnie says: I want a baby girl, to play with it.

Kim says: Can't wait to meet little (I mean BIG) Logan... love how cute the 2 play together:)

The Woolley's said...

Love it!

Telfords said...

That is totally how i feel everyday, cute!

Naomi Johnson said...

they are so cute. how adorable... I know what you mean about the sanity, but those moments are so worth it.