Sunday, May 11, 2008

Help me!!!

I need some major help with looking older. Yesterday I was at the temple for my cousin, Sara's, wedding and a temple worker told me I looked too young to be in there. I said something along the lines of, "yeah, I look young for my age." She responded with, "yes, but I mean you look really young. I would guess you were 14."



I'M 24!!!

It's not as though I was wearing some trendy dress or something. Actually, I thought my shirt and skirt looked quite mature. I was wearing makeup too, so it's not like that would throw her off.

I realize that someday I'll love for people to think I'm 10 years younger than I really am, but not now. Not when I have a baby and people think I'm a teenager.

This lady isn't the first person to tell me I look a lot younger than I am. A month or so ago a good friend of mine told me I can easily pass for a 16 year old. And a few years ago I always had adults looking shocked when they asked me which high school I went to and I informed them I was a senior in college.

So.... I need suggestions. What can I do to look older/more mature? Do I need to change my makeup? Clothes? What?

How about my hair? I just barely got it cut. It goes to my armpits. The hairstylist I found is an expert with curly hair, but you kind of have to do it curly every day to get the look she does (you have to train the hair). So here's a big question for everyone (I think I'll put up a poll about it): should I go curly or straight the majority of the time? Right now I do about half and half, which is nice to be able to do, but if I continue with it neither way (straight or curly) will look as good as it can. I realize it's hard to decide since my hair doesn't look amazing either way yet. If I finally decide between the two I can get the perfect cut for curly/straight hair, as well as train the hair to do the one I want.

Also, would coloring my hair help me look older? I finally have it grown out to my natural color and was trying to keep it that way since I'm the worst person at touching up my roots, but if color will help me I might be willing to do it. I've heard of a new style where you put lowlights under the top layer and it give the hair more dimension, but you don't have to worry about roots.

Please please please help me! I don't want to look 16 or 14 or even 19 anymore!


Naomi Johnson said...

Well I can see how that would be kinda annoying right now, I wouldn't know what to say. You should post some pictures so those of us who don't see you often can give some feedback!

Ashlee said...

I have the same problem! Most people think I am one of the students when they walk into my classroom:) I cut my hair short, but I don't have curly hair to worry about. It did help a little though. Good luck!

Ponczoch Family said...

Oh man... I would totally help you, except for the fact that I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!! Why is Paige the lucky one that looked like she was i college, when actually she was 16?

Joel said...

As Beth's husband I must emphasize: Beth's hair goes to her armpits and does NOT come from her armpits.

Just in case any of you read that paragraph too quickly.

Carry on.

Backwoods Browns said...

Girl... as a hairstylist unless you color your hair Grey or cut it pretty short and sassy you will still look young! Ask Gailyn, she has the same problem! When we cut her hair short and she flipped it out and we put a lot of highlights in, people said she looked more like 20 instead of 14, but people that have that young, cute, small physique like you and so many others, you'll always look younger...which isn't a bad thing! Brad is 38 and people still think he's in his 20's!! So he says enjoy it before you get old and actually look your age!! :)But if you do decide to change your hairstyle, you should come up here and I'll take care of you!! Short ans spunky hair does tend to make people look older, but that's if you are willing to do it short.Good luck!! :)

Mike and Shaina said...

One time about 2 years ago this guy started hitting on me. He asked me where I was at in school and I said I was a senior just about to graduate. Before I could finish my sentence with "from BYU" he jumped in and said "cool, me too. Go Brighton Bengals!" That was not cool. Maybe have Joel help you with a little stage makeup each morning to add a few slight wrinkles and worry lines. And a touch of gray around your hairline. And gain some wieght, that would help too. Otherwise, I think you're stuck looking hot, but 14.

Familia Taylor said...

Sorry Bethany! I think you're stuck looking young...which might not be a bad thing 20 years from now right? If it makes you feel any better people always think I'm way younger than I really am too. I was in the young women's presidency and went to a stake meeting...when they asked who was there from the 5th ward I raised my which the stake young women's president said "oh, I don't mean youth leaders..." To which I said "yeah, I know I look young but I'm in the presidency...I served a mission..." And then in march I went to the spa for a massage (part of Randy's bday gift) and the lady asked how old I was turning....when I said 28 she said "no! I thought you were 18 or younger!" what??
It must be a genetic dad looks like he's in his 30's. We were at the airport not long ago and I was walking with him...someone said to us "you guys make such a cute couple!" NICE.
So good luck with your hair...short hair makes me look younger, it might work for you though.
And thanks Joel for clearing up that whole armpit comment! :)

Brooke Bennett said...

Wow... 14. I have had tons of people in the last few weeks tell me I look like I'm maybe 21. Yeah, I'll take it! But I guess it's not being told 14 or 16. I don't really have any suggestions for you. Sorry!

Heidi said...

I also think you should post pics with your hair done both ways. Then we can see what we think...

Bethany said...

Hmmm... I'll have to think about posting the pictures. Plus I have to wait till Ryan gets home from Australia with my camera.

Miss Berrie said...

I did, in fact, read the armpits part too quickly. Good call on the clarification, Joel.