Saturday, May 31, 2008

We love Sweet's!

This past Wednesday Kaylee and I went to the Sweet's Candy Factory with my mom, Kim, Brooke and their kids. It was a lot of fun! If anyone is interested they give a free 40 minute tour of their factory ( I'm pretty sure us adults had more fun than the kids, but the kids still enjoyed it. We watched how they make their candy and got samples throughout (that was both the kids and the adults favorite part). At the end you can purchase discounted candy in their shop. I'm pretty sure that's why they give you the samples throughout. You can't help but buy the delicious candy at the end.

My favorite parts (besides the hairnets and samples) were the jelly beans without the shells (they should make them that way... yum!) and the pipes running above our heads filled with chocolate and corn syrup (it felt like we were visiting Willy Wonka's Factory).

Everyone, including babies, had to wear a hairnet because you walk right next to the candy. Kaylee did so well at keeping hers on and she looked so stinkin' cute!

We each got a bag of taffy at the end. Even Kaylee. She loved hers.

The whole gang looking hot in our hairnets and showing off our candy at the end of the tour.

Before the tour. They have strollers for you to use. Notice the gummy bear on the rug to the left of Kaylee. It was a fun place. (This is out of order, but my internet browser is being weird and won't let me cut and paste pictures to change it.)

Kaylee absolutely loved her bag of candy (she also loved when I let her suck on a piece of taffy).


Brooke Bennett said...

Yay! That was so much fun! Thanks for choosing that for us on your day! Cute pictures!

Naomi Johnson said...

looks like fun!!! love the hair nets totally stylish!!

Summer said...

How fun! I can't believe we never did this when we were in Utah! We'll have to do it next time we visit! Cute pics of Kaylee!

Backwoods Browns said...

That sounds delicious!! And you can really tell you are all sisters more so when you can't see hair color!! Love the hats!

Amy said...

I love the hairnets. Funny thing, I get to wear one of those every day at work. They are the exact same. I love it. Now you have a taste of how I feel. :-)

Kelsi said...

Kaylee is SO cute! I want to adopt her!