Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nate's coming home!

My brother, Nathan, is getting home from his mission next Wednesday (May 21). I'm so excited! He's been a wonderful missionary serving in the Michigan, Lansing mission for the past 2 years. I can't wait to see him and for him to meet my amazing husband and daughter! He'll also be meeting 2 other nieces for the first time (Macee and Jinnie) and seeing Ryan for the first time in almost 4 years!

I've been trying to explain Nathan to Joel so that he'll know what to expect, but I don't think I'm doing him justice. He is very driven, but also loves to have fun. Here are a few pictures that are totally Nate...

This is one of my favorite pictures of Nate from before his mission. My friends saw Nate at a BYU football game and had to get a picture for me. I'm glad they did! Nathan loves BYU football!

Mom, I chose the picture you're crying the least in. Here's my mom putting Nate's nametag on at the MTC.

I have no idea who that other guy is or where this was taken. It's Nate and (I'm guessing) a companion on his mission.
This grosses me out, but I had to put it on. This is some guy skinning squirrels. Here's a quote from one of Nate's emails, "On Wednesday we got home from district meeting, and we had a message on our answering machine from a part-member family that they were cooking up some squirrel if we wanted some. So we went over there and had some squirrel for dinner. Squirrel stew to be more exact. It was actually really good...tastes kind of like chicken." Yuck!
Nate with 2 other missionaries in front of one of the lakes.


Ponczoch Family said...

Can't wait!!! Can you believe we're all going to be together again? What has it been? 4 1/2 years?

Naomi Johnson said...

that is great! love the BYU football picture!

Backwoods Browns said...

Love the BYU game face(or should I say body) Last time I saw Nate was when he was under 5 I'm pretty sure... however old he was at Grandpa's Funeral! I hardly recognize him except that he looks like the rest of the family!! It'll be so fun for you to be all together!! How exciting!!