Thursday, May 22, 2008

He's home!!!

We had a fun, eventful day yesterday. Nathan got in a little after 10:30. We were all able to meet him at the airport and afterwards a bunch of us did a session at the Salt Lake temple. He was released at 5:00 and afterwards we had a garlic shrimp and steak dinner in his honor. Then Kelsi had a choir concert at 7:30 (which she did great in!) and we watched the American Idol finale afterwards (which I thought was amazing). Nathan saw a friend at the concert and hung out with him instead of watching AI with us. I thought he'd be weirder after getting back, but he's actually adjusting quite well. Already hanging out with friends, hugging girls, driving alone, staying up past midnight, etc. Here are a few pictures from the airport and Kelsi's concert. It was a great day!

There he is!

Proud uncle

Kelsi presenting him with his new phone: a hot pink razor (Paige's old one that became Kelsi's till Nate came home. Don't worry... he'll be getting a new one).

Kelsi's concert showcased 2 choirs and then the individual best talent within the choirs. Kelsi is/was in AWE (Advanced Women's Ensemble) and her and 3 friends sang a pretty song at it and did awesome! They performed this for Solo and Ensemble and got the highest score possible. Yay Kelsi!


Backwoods Browns said...

How fun to see Nate!! And GREAT JOB Kelsi!!It was the first time meeting Kaylee for him wasn't it!! How fun

Kelsi said... ensemble group did horrible!